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Sep 26, 2017 · CUCKOLD: Wife has sex with another man while her husband watches. It’s just not true. I’m not bi but I get so turned on thinking about this and also watching him enter her with his big cock.. Great story. I have my wife pretty close to the idea. This story began quite a few years ago. Jul 20, 2017 · My wife knows it’s my favorite fantasy, to watch her fuck another man, one with a bigger cock than mine. Aug 06, 2009 · WATCHING MY WIFE FUCK ANOTHER MAN. I slowly made her aware of my desires by hinting about it when we were having sex. Rob decided he’d had enough of oral and climbed slowly on top of Sophie, his eyes looking lustful, and if I’m honest, so were my wife’s. My wife’s breasts were on display for this man and he was enjoying every second, as were my wife and I.. cheating and gladly taking another man’s cock. After a few minutes I heard him tell my wife. What I am about to share with you is true. Also you might remember that when she …. A travelling husband learns of his wifes sexual indulgence. This is the story of the first time she fucked another guy…. One night we were out at the bar with her boss and his wife. It happened early October and I’m afraid I didn’t take photos so below are some photos of my wife’s pussy (with my spunk) and stretched, just to give you an idea. Free Erotic Stories.. I have fantasized almost every day about watching my wife with another man. Kathy had kissed and petted other guys before me, but I was the first guy she had ever fucked. Mar 17, 2018 · Wife has fun with another man, sex tories, loving wife. Probably it will never become reality, but imagining it is exciting for us both and certainly spices up our love life. more.

My company had transferred me from Georgia to California. When a guy is cumming inside her, the gift of his hot sperm drives both of us wild. He watches his wife with two younger men. It was late and everybody had left, and my wife and I had far to much to drink. Hi, my name is Steve and my wife’s name is Lorna. After another hour and too many drinks we were both sitting there in a quiet stupor.. staring at my wife’s beautiful body, watching the rise and fall of her round belly and the gentle swaying. Oct 03, 2018 · Would love to watch another man go down on my wife, and watch her cum. Watching Your Wife Do Another Man. I was tugging my dick, watching my wife being pleasured by another man, it was great. I’d LOVE to see her riding him cowgirl, leaning forward to rub her clit on his pubic hairs and watch him suck and roll her nipples. Good Story. I enjoyed the story and found it very arousing.

wife watching – Literotica com

He put his tongue right inside her and she groaned with pleasure. It was clear that my wifes boss “Scott” was attracted to my wife. If you have read our stories from before you will know that my wife Lisa loves to perform fellatio and I enjoy watching her doing it almost as much as when she does it to me. I did not know anyone there other than a few business associates but it was a promotion and with the promotion came a large increase in my salary. By Niche By Tag By Category By Date By Rating By Reviews Moderation queue By Author. The Wife’s Surprise.. After years of asking my wife to fuck another man, she finally does it and loves it. Now she wants to do it weekly. Erotic. Slut Wife – Taxi Man. A married couple live out their fantasy of MMF. Husband and wife seek the next sexual high. She takes on a business friend. It’s difficult to explain to some the excitement of watching another man’s cock sink deeply into your wife’s cunt. A man’s fucking her for his first time is particularly thrilling, not just my the wife, but for me as well. A shared fantasy of wife sharing becomes too real. Carol goes wild. Abby sets up a special video call for Bobby. Helping out husband’s friend after a breakup. Jun 06, 2009 · I said rather than her doing anything behind my back, I would agree if she would tell me about it in bed afterwards, I could watch, or participate. To add spice to our 10 year old life, I suggested my wife to do it to another guy, while I would discreetly watch. What an amazing experience it was. Read Watching my darling wife doing another man !, free Erotic Stories at I’m a good-looking guy, 6ft 2″ tall with an athlete’s build and a very good size penis (8.2 inches) and I am now aged 36. Watching my wife have sex with another man is a favorite fantasy of mine. I encourage my wife to fantasize about another man during our love making and when she masturbates. This is a true, if somewhat difficult story. Plus a photo of SOMEONE ELSE taken from elsewhere on this site – but perfect of the view that I had (I’m not stealing or pretending something that’s not – just illustrating). Nov 17, 2017 · This time I move around behind the brunette so I can reach around her and grab her tits, as I watch my wife permit another man to press his cock into her mouth… the brunette leaned back and asked me if this was the first time my wife had sucked another cock, and I told her yes…. I know it sounds crazy but watching him seduce my wife had seduced me into watching as I just stood there rubbing my cock through my trousers. My wife having sex with 10 friends during a movie night. Husband and wife start explore a sharing fantasy. Shannon continues her Hotwife journey with her first mfm. Wife fantasizes about watching her husband with other women. She won’t agree as she thinks I would then demand the same for me with another woman. Hubby Watches Wife. Like Dislike Close. 5:02 3 years ago YouPorn 72%.. Husband Watches Wife Fuck Another Man. Like Dislike Close. 7:34 8 months ago DrTuber 70%. Wife Enjoys Her Lover and Hubby Watches…. From e-mail T his started at an out-of-town party at a friend’s house. Instead of letting us drive home, the host wisely insisted that we stay the night. Wife’s FirstTime With Another Man.. and for the next hour we drank and traded stories of sexual frustration while staring at my shy wife’s cunt.

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